"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plants"


Exhibition at Het Kunstgemaal in Bronkhorst, March 2015



During my stay at the MILK brothel (summer 2014) I explored the hidden world of wild plants growing in Amsterdam’s red light district. Together with an urban ecologist I went on a quest, and we discovered 45 different kinds of floral surprises. Among them protected heart’s tongue ferns, the aromatic lemon balm, and edible rocket and chives. Plants thriving on being walked over, or even urinated upon, visitors are spreading more seed then they might think.


From rat-tail fescue and the great hairy willow herb to sticky groundsel and prostrate knotweed. The Old Church was accompanied by two thermophile fig trees growing on the canal walls, and as a contrast, at the rear side two cannabis plants rooted themselves.


Behind the windows I made the paper installation Wild Things, with this giving life back to the paper. Inspired on a selection of these wild plants, in their own way showing off their beauty and daring the visitors to look, admire and stand still. A green oasis popping up between the red lights.

tongue fern

male fern



lemon balm

prostrate knotweed

MILK is an autonomous exhibition space in Amsterdam, connecting young contemporary artists with the public.


Since May 2014 MILK has opened the doors of a former brothel in Amsterdam's red light district. It is now an artist-in-residency providing studios and exhibition spaces.


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